Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humans we're pretty cool

So I've decided to focus my blog for the next few entries on how people are pretty amazing.

First of all, we are interested in everything! Look around your desk, see that roll of tape that's been sitting there for 3 years and rarely used. You know what? Someone on this planet SOMEWHERE knows everything about that roll of tape.
Who invited tape?
Why was it invented?
Different types of tape.
The process that tape undergoes to be made.
The process that tape undergoes to be distributed.

You see tape, someones sees a whole career.

If I was a really good blogger I'd give you the history of tape, but since you found this blog you're capable of using the internet you should google it yourself. I did.. there's a PDF all about it.

Humanity has a wide variety of skills and we were not all born equally.

Proof: I was taking an exercise class and during the cool down the instruction was stretching her legs in a full split and her chest was flat against the floor.
I was so far away from the floor I needed my glasses to see it.
I looked at her and thought, "there is no way we are the same species." No other animals on this planet have such a wide variety of skills. If we were different animals would she have an evolutionarily advantage, would she be able to live longer and would I be picked off by a predatory?

Lesson of the day: Humans are awesome


  1. Sheesh, at least you could've linked us to the PDF.

    History of tape PDF URL:

  2. I think about stuff like that all the time (yay! I'm not alone)

    I love hearing about the thought processes inventors and artists and (of course) writers. We're so amazing. Cool post. Thanks!!