Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what it means to be a woman

I watch this you tuber called Charlie is so cool like. He's awesome. He's 19 and doesn't understand teenage girls.
Really? I think we're pretty straight forward, women in general- We want you to be smart, caring and able to read our minds. The End.

Anyway he asked a bunch of girls to fill out a survey, the results were funny- but at minute 3 second 7, I cracked up.

I, too have looked at my dryer and wondered if I could get in it. I thought I was the only one who ever had thoughts like that. I'll look at a box or a space and wonder, "can I fit in that?"

I told my 8th grades about the question. I watched the faces of the girls, they smiled, they blushed and they avoided eye contact. It hit me, "YOU TOO! You've thought that too!"
Every girl laughed and nodded.

We talked about looking at a "problem" trying to figure out how you would contort your body in a way to help you fit into the object.

Then I asked, "Did you ever get in it?"
Every girl answered with, "No. Never. That's stupid."

I looked over at the boys.

Half the group said, "The thought has never once crossed my mind."
The other half said, "I got stuck."

There you go. That's the difference between men and women. Women will problem solve and determine if it's a logical thing to do. Men will either not think it's a problem or they will FUBR it up.

Check out the clip below

minute 3:07.


  1. Hi Mrs. Manack, It's Rachel Heim. I came in with another girl a couple weeks ago (maybe it was only 1... I don't remember) and you told us this story. I tried to crawl into a cabinet in my basement yesterday because of it. I got stuck. Now I have a bruise on my hip and I kind of wish I would have stopped at trying to figure out the best possible way to fit inside but not actually doing it. Oh, and I just spent the past hour pushing aside my government textbook and reading your blog about Project Nice. I love what you did and I will keep my eyes open for anyone who might be in need of a pleasant moment. P.S, I think we've helped out the same homeless guy. I gave him a blanket:)
    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, Mrs. Manack. You are still my favorite middle school teacher.