Friday, November 13, 2009

Ugh brainfart!

I had SO many funny things to say on the blog tonight but now I can't think of them.

So I guess I'll talk about time travel.

If I did have a time machine I would do the following things.

1) Go see The Beatles

2) Have Courtney Love not meet her husband, or at least make sure there wasn't a shot gun in the house. Bad parenting dude and your death gave birth to the Spice Girls. For shame.

3) Get Hitler into Art School.

4) Watch a taping of Doctor Who with David Tennent. I heart him

5) See what humanity evolves into.

6) Watch the creation of the solar system- hey it's my time machine, if I want to watch dust and gas for a while I will. Who are you to judge?

7) Stop assissination of various important leaders, the good ones, not the mean crappy ones. (you know what, I should move that one to number 2--- it's a little bit better for humanity as a whole)

8) Visit myself in high school and tell my high school self not to be such a bitter bitch, life gets better.

9) Take a nap. Like a really good power nap. Again it's my time machine stop judging me.

10) Write Twilight, because come on who wouldn't want some Twilight money.

11) peek into Zoey's future and then feel REALLY guilty about it.

Night all, have a good one.


  1. You don't want Twilight's dirty. And if you do invent a time machine and it does allow you to go watch a taping of Doctor Who with David Tenant, I'd like to call shotgun on that ride right now. :)

  2. Methinks you have not read enough fiction about the consequences of messing with the past. What you think is a small change -> huge, unforeseen, side effects. For instance, if you watch DT film Doctor Who, he may see you, fall madly in love you with you, and then quit the show before filming The Waters Of Mars which airs tomorrow. Do you really want to be response for that? :)

  3. If I had a time machine, I think I would go visit the dinosaurs, and tame and/or ride one.

    Also, I would visit my younger self and tell him to keep on being awesome! (and to not ever watch the movie called "The Room")