Monday, October 05, 2009


Oh yahoo news, have I told you how much I love you lately? Not for the news you provided, because I could get that anywhere. No, it's your pictures and your captions, your unwitting humor.

Below is the image I saw while drinking my coffee, and while you would be expecting me to spit coffee all over my computer screen from the giggle fit, coffee and my computer screen are far too important to me to waste either.

So what's funny about it, in case explaining is in order, two women and one statue of a man won the noble prize. You could read into it that public image of women is that they aren't smart enough to win the award on their own and there needs to be a male figure in the somewhere, even if the figure is made out of bronze.

But yeah that's reading too much into it.

Ok and there was a man involved, but he wasn't even worthy of a photo shoot, nope, the photographers replaced him with a statue. Can you imagine being that guy, "Yay, you won with Noble Prize, but you have to share it and you won't get any media coverage and some chick won't even mention you by name in her blog."

There's a link to the article itself, which is full of sciencey goodness and a Monte Python reference which makes me love these women even more.

Congrats women of science, you rock. You too, nameless white dude, you too.

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