Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello, and welcome to my rambleings


Crazy stuff happens to me. It's true. Nearly every situation I've been in, has become far more weird and awkward then it needs to be. So my life is one giant cluster and I am often standing around saying, "crap." I figured one way I could preserve my misadventures was to blog about it. Really I am providing a civil service of how not to live your life.

I will be posting my crazy adventures, such as
  • The Day I Met a Zombie,
  • The Assassin who loved me,
  • Demons love Sun 41
  • My All Time Low.
  • New Kids on the Block- 20 years later and still as glorious.
  • Renfest- Dress correctly.
  • Holy Crap, was that Kevin Smith?
  • How NOT to get a Literary Agent.

Other stuff I'll post here will be:
  • Cool webstuff
  • Struggles of being a writer.
  • Struggles of being a parent.
  • And any crazy little rant that's bothering me that day.

Maybe people will read it.
Most likely people won't.

Thanks for reading.

BTW- What do you think of my profile picture? I deeply debated over what sort of picture I would put. Did I want a real picture of me? Did I want something silly? A picture of my kid? Is there anything more annoying then people who hid their identities behind small children or an inspirational setting?

I picked a lazy puma, because I thought the picture was perfect. A puma doing what a puma does best, sitting in a tree, looking at humans with disgust and annoyance. You can read into that any way you like.


  1. LOL! Thanks, I'll be reading! : )

    And I sold out to blogger in June. We must be thinking alike again. Haha.

  2. Shoulda gone with a mongoose for the profile pic. Also I totally JUST started a blog yesterday. But as of yet, it's uh...empty.

  3. Wow thanks guys for checking it out! You guys totally rock!

  4. Welcome to world of blogging :)